My name is Brian Dall Schyth. Originally, I was educated as a biologist with a master in marine parasitology from the university of Aarhus, Denmark. I worked a few years as a biologist and diagnostician of veterinary fish diseases, where I was involved in leading a small laboratory, under the National Veterinary Institute of Denmark. Following this I undertook a Ph.D. in molecular gene medicine. I later participated in the national expedition Galathea3 involved in a project on the immune system of deep-sea fish. After a few years working as a post doc where I studied small RNAs in fish undergoing antiviral immune response and at the same time acting as university teacher and supervisor for PhD students I made a big change to my life. Following my creative side and interests I had been nursing all the way from my childhood I started working as an illustrator and animator. At first, I had only small jobs, mainly from former fellow scientist, but later this developed into bigger assignments for customers both within and outside Denmark. In 2016 I started my freelance company which I called ExplainWays. Besides my work as freelance illustrator, animator and lately also comic book artist I have worked and still work as a high school teacher following my interest in education. As a freelancer I work mainly with visualisation of hard-to-understand facts primarily both not exclusively in scientific education and dissemination. The strategy is to build visual content with a strong storytelling aspect. My customers are often but not exclusively companies and publishers making books or teaching materials for schools and museums, botanical gardens etc. Sometimes I make stories and illustrations for children’s books and comics with no relation to science at all.

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I worry about climate change, loss of biodiversity and how people treat each other. I support equality and stability. I live in Denmark with my wife and two daughters.

Materials I use: Ink, pen, aquarelles, paper and a lot of software. These days mainly Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, TV Paint, Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator, After Effect and Animate. A little Blender and ZBrush now and then.

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Download my short CV and portfolio here

A list of my scientific and popular scientific publications is available upon request